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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Successful Small Business Owners Learn from Mistakes

As difficult as entrepreneurship may be at times, the reward is worth one-hundred times the struggle. Owning a small business is a romance. You fall head over heels, and you spend every waking hour thinking, daydreaming, planning, and building on your new found love. You learn as much as you can, and you spend time […]

Increased Sleep Leads to Increased Productivity in the Workplace

Putting in extra hours of work might sound like a good idea, but are you really being productive in overtime? Do you crave a latte and a second donut by 9.30am? Do you ‘zone out” during conference calls or get frustrated because you can’t kick your brain into gear when you need to make a […]

Developing the right company culture for your small business

Corporate culture isn’t just for big business. Small business owners should think about their company culture during the start-up phase. Starting a small business is never easy; however, thanks to the Internet it’s more possible than ever before. In this age of innovation, many things are often overlooked that can hinder the growth of a small […]

Hiscox Helping Out After Hurricane Sandy

The Hiscox Foundation USA and local employees are finding ways to help the Hurricane Sandy Relief effort. People throughout the New York City area are still picking up the pieces after Superstorm Sandy.  Hiscox USA has been working with our customers to assess the damage and address claims since the storm struck.  The Hiscox Foundation USA and local employees who were […]

Delegation: how to be a good parent for your small business

You need to trust your team members to implement the day-to-day details of the overall small business strategy you’ve outlined. One of the hardest tricks for any small business owner to learn is how – and when – to delegate. Learning this skill is a little like learning how to parent a teenager. Just as […]

Your business reputation is not enough to combat unhappy clients

Your client accuses you of causing their company’s financial loss last month. Are you protected with the right business insurance? A business consultant’s reputation is the basis of their business and a large part of how they gain new clients and retain existing ones.  However, even a sterling reputation is sometimes not enough to combat […]

Achieve a consensus on your small business strategy

Set a clear strategy for your small business and empower your team to deliver on it. Business theorists are keen to look at the social habits of different animal species in an attempt to find lessons for how to run a company. Ants have been cited as good examples for business management. They cooperate easily […]

Real Estate Agents Make Mistakes Too

An honest mistake can lead to a costly lawsuit.  Learn how to protect yourself with professional liability insurance.  Real estate agents are constantly busy tracking multiple clients and their listings. There are a lot of details to keep straight –  and the property included in the sale of the home needs to be itemized and double checked so there are […]

The Transition From Employee to Small Business Owner

From passion to paycheck – a photographer’s journey – part four One thing I have noticed about the Phopus startup process is the mindset shift from being an employee to being a founder of my own small business. It only hit me recently, as I was laid off for the third time and started freelancing […]

Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

Setting up your own small business takes guts and half fail within the first 5-years. That’s because as many start-ups fail as succeed: around half of all new firms go out of business within their first five years according to Bureau of Labor Statistics compiled between 1994 and 2010 show. Having a good idea, lots […]


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