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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Startup Mistakes to Avoid: When to use Trademarks

You might have a great word, phrase or symbol to distinguish your brand, but don’t forget to protect your small business with trademarks. Last time I wrote about my progression to building an online photography community through to development stage, today I will talk through a few practicalities of building your online, or offline, small […]

Is Your Small Business Prepared for Hurricane Sandy?

Keep your small business protected during Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy will soon make landfall along the East Coast and already flooding and high winds are threatening residents and structures along the coast and far inland. At times like these, the most important thing is that you and your loved ones are safe from the storm. […]

Hiscox eDNA 2012 Small Businesses and US Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Hiscox eDNA small business survey shows that US small business owners are optimistic about 2013. Despite continuing economic clouds, things are looking up for US small business owners as we head into 2013. Ever the eternal optimists, 55% of the small business owners in the Hiscox EDNA 2012 survey (link) are optimistic about their […]

Hiscox Announces Winner of Pin It To Win It Contest

Thank you to everyone for the great submissions in Hiscox’s Pinterest Pin It To Win It Contest. We have a winner! Congratulations to SheRae Hunter of SL Hunter Photography for winning our Pinterest contest, and a Nikon D7000 camera. We’ll be posting a guest blog from SheRae in the next few weeks. Thank you to […]

Why Next-Generation Digital Products Need Cloud Infrastructure

Hiscox features The DesignMob in its recent advertorial in Fast Company. In this post, Michael Madgett, CTO at The DesignMob sheds light on “the cloud”. It’s been 6 years since Amazon Web Services launched their IT infrastructure alternatives in the form of cloud computing, and it has been a huge success. Why is cloud infrastructure so […]

Small Business Continues to Fuel Debate at the 2012 Election

How has healthcare impacted your small business? Vote now: Once again, small business was a hot topic at last night’s debate. Although small business wasn’t one of the topics that got the candidates really riled up like energy or Libya, Romney kept his laser focus on the economy from the first debate. He repeatedly reeled off […]

Does Your Small Business Have a Connector?

Some people seem to know everyone – they’re connectors and they’re essential for your small business. Do you have hundreds of people’s names in the contact list of your phone? Do you strike up conversations with strangers at parties or standing in line at the coffee shop? Would you say you’re interested in people? If […]

How to Become an IDEA Leader

Every small business needs to have a steady stream of new ideas to stay ahead of the pack. You need new ideas to push your small business forward, but where do these ideas come from? New ideas can come from TV, a conversation in the lunch room, a magazine article, or chatting with the person who serves you your morning […]

Towns with Small Businesses are Healthier

Entrepreneurs instill a can-do spirit and a stronger sense of community into their hometowns. Having a lot of entrepreneurs living in your community can be good for your health. That’s the message of a recent study, which found that people who live in counties with a high number of small businesses have lower mortality rates, […]

Crowdfunding – The New Way to Finance Your Start Up

Crowdfunding provides an avenue for small businesses to obtain startup capital. You have a great idea for a business, but where are you going to get the money to get it off the ground? It’s a common small business problem , but there’s a new way to raise investment capital that could help. It’s called […]


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