Monthly Archives: September 2012

When it Comes to Marketing, Timing is Everything

Timing your marketing efforts can be the difference between success and failure. Timing is so important in many things in life: throwing the game-winning pass, meeting the love of your life, delivering the perfect one-liner or starting a business. Few things matter more for a successful start-up than timing. Potential customers can be ready for […]

Will Politicians Embrace Small Business After the 2012 Election?

Small business is a hot topic in the 2012 election, but will politicians forget about small business owners after they vote? The only constituencies getting more love than small businesses this election season are puppies and newborns. In fact, some of the old political tactics of kissing babies and kowtowing to seniors have been largely replaced by […]

Can we nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs?

Would encouraging young people to start their own small business help create more jobs? The Young Entrepreneurship Council (YEC) certainly thinks so and has launched the Fix Young America campaign, which seeks to combat youth unemployment and underemployment in this country by encouraging people to start their own small business. With youth unemployment at its highest level […]

Becoming a Dot-Com Founder

In part 2 of this series, Greg shares how he went from showcasing his work at a exhibition in London to starting an online community for photographers. Following my solo exhibition in trendy East London, I set up a website showcasing my work. I began branching out into more niche photography effects to craft a […]

How Will Small Businesses Vote in the 2012 Election?

The decisions that small business owners make at the voting booth this November will determine the future success of their business. Violent protests in Libya, science–resisting Senate candidates in Missouri and Clint Eastwood’s improvised stand up routine are only passing diversions this election season. The main issue has been, and will continue to be, the […]