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MyStartupStory: Joe Fernandez , Founder of Klout

In this video, presented by Hiscox Small Business Insurance, Joe Fernandez, CEO and Co-Founder of Klout,  the online resource that measures how influential people are on the Internet, talks about life as an entrepreneur and what it takes to “go all in”.  

Getting others to grow your business

Who are the influencers in your industry? If there were 5 people you wish were talking about your business who would they be? How many of your existing customers love you and tell others? A recent study suggest 92% of people trust recommendations from friends/colleagues when making a purchase decision. This compares to 47% for […]

Starting a Small Business Takes Heart, Courage and Brains

Last week my children persuaded me to take them to go and see the musical, The Wizard of Oz. With theatre ticket prices as they are, it’s always an expensive outing so I was delighted to extract some extra value from the experience from a business perspective. Those of you that are familiar with the […]

Leap Year Season Two, Episode Two: One of Those Nights

Hiscox Commentary on Small Business Insurance From the looks of things, C3D has started to attract a lot of attention in Silicon Valley. Some of this is positive buzz from the press like the semi-successful appearance Jack made last week on What’s Trending. But the specific attention to the C3D office – that is smashing […]

The Future of Online Video

Mashable’s Adam Osterow talks with Wilson Cleveland, Executive Producer of Leap Year, about the future of online video. As online video becomes more popular, people are watching less television and beginning to stream web video like Leap Year into their living rooms. The line between television series and web series is being blurred. As Cleveland […]