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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Hiscox launches a new small business channel on

Hiscox sponsors new series on called – ‘Think Big – strategies to improve your small business. At Hiscox we are continuously looking for new ways to help our customers grow their business. In addition to recently launching our new Authors Series for Entrepreneurs, we have teamed up to sponsor a brand new small business resource channel […]

Leap Year Season One, Episode Seven: Corporate Cupid

Episode 7 – Corporate Cupid Derek gets slapped with a lawsuit and seeks help from his attorney Josie Lanning (special guest star Julie Warner). Jack loses his only client and most of his friends. Hiscox Commentary on Small Business Insurance In this episode we find out that Derek stole the server and Scarlett threatened to sue […]

Get small business advice, join our live Twitter chat

Get advice from featured author Susan Urquhart-Brown and ask her your small business questions live on Twitter. The Hiscox Authors Series will host a live Twitter Chat with Susan Urquhart-Brown, author of The Accidental Entrepreneur: The 50 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Starting a Business. Join us on Twitter @hiscoxsmallbiz tomorrow, April […]

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

Hiscox author series: Being grateful is a powerful component to making your small business a success. Being grateful is another often overlooked powerful component of being successful. My Mom always taught me to say thank you sincerely when someone helped me or did something nice for me. I have found that this applies in business […]

What is a Waiver of Subrogation?

Understand waiver of subrogation agreements in your small business insurance policies. Common client requests for small business owners are for types of liability insurance. Clients have increasingly been requesting a waiver of subrogation to go along with their professional liability insurance or general liability insurance policies. So, what exactly is a waiver of subrogation?

Join our live Twitter chat!

Ask Author and Entrepreneur Susan Urquhart-Brown your small business questions on Twitter! As part of our Hiscox Author Series for Entrepreneurs we will be hosting a: Live Twitter Chat with The Accidental Entrepreneur author Susan Urquhart-Brown Thursday, April 26th at 2 P.M. EST During this Twitter chat you can ask Susan about her journey as an “accidental entrepreneur,” […]

Young entrepreneurs who are changing the world

Hiscox sponsors the Rice University Business Plan Competition. I was lucky enough to attend the annual Rice University Business Plan competition last weekend in Houston, Texas. This is the world’s biggest business plan competition and over $1.5m was awarded in prizes and funding. Hundreds of applications from around the world were submitted and then 42 […]

Simple Yet Powerful Keys to Small Business Success!

Hiscox Authors Series: Leverage knowledge from experts to make your small business a success. Do you often feel like you’re doing everything yourself and feeling exhausted? I call this the “lone wolf” syndrome. How can you avoid this? ASK! Ask for what you want. Be clear and specific. Ask for help. Ask for feedback. Ask […]

Leap Year Season One, Episode Six: That Kind of Day

Episode 6 – That Kind of Day The office server goes missing and Bryn faces a crisis of conscience and identity. Aaron, furious over Olivia’s and Jack’s betrayal, unleashes the full fury of a financial analyst. Hiscox Commentary on Small Business Insurance In this episode Brynn’s feeling guilty about losing the server without a backup […]

Hiscox Authors Series for Entrepreneurs

Today we launched the Hiscox Authors Series for Entrepreneurs, an additional resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their businesses. The Hiscox Authors Series for Entrepreneurs offers creative content, tips and advice from popular authors who are themselves entrepreneurs. Our first featured experts are Susan Urquhart-Brown, author of The Accidental Entrepreneur: The […]


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