Monthly Archives: March 2012

Create Your Small Business Financial Plan

The Small Business Start-Up Trifecta series (3 of 3): Learn to be creative and smart with your money. Do you have unlimited funds at your disposal for your small business? No, I don’t either. In fact, I don’t know many small business owners who do. Start-ups that have investors and capital rolling in are not […]

Leap Year Season One, Episode Three: A Simple Contest

Episode 3 – A Simple Contest On this episode of Leap Year newly laid-off, Jack, Aaron, Derek, Olivia and Bryn are recruited to participate in a mysterious business contest with a $500,000 prize. Hiscox Commentary for Small Business Owners Things are starting to get really interesting. A secret contest for a $500,000 prize? A mysterious […]

Six things to think about before starting a small business

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a new business in the New Year, now is your time to get started! Before you dive head first into getting up and running, learn about these six must know tips before starting a small business in 2015. It doesn’t matter what kind of small business […]

Create Your Small Business Marketing Plan

The Small Business Start-Up Trifecta series (2 of 3): Make wiser decisions with each marketing campaign you launch. A marketing plan is an essential tool for every small business. You can create marketing plans to promote your new business, introduce new products or services to your market, target new niche markets, and develop new ways […]

Leap Year Season One, Episode Two: Released

Episode 2 – Released As Jack, Bryn, Olivia, Derek and Aaron face uncertainty about their future, Gemini Corp CEO, Andy Corvell (Craig Bierko) calls an all-hands meeting. With lay-offs looming, tensions rise and the group wonders, if they do get fired – what’s next? Hiscox Commentary on Small Business Insurance Believing in yourself and the […]