Monthly Archives: January 2012

Small business series Leap Year wins NATPE award!

Last week Hiscox went down to Miami to accept the NATPE Digital Luminary Award for Best Branded Entertainment Series for our show Leap Year about 5 friends who leave their corporate jobs to start their own business.  This was the latest in a series of “WOW!” moments for us as we’ve continually been excited and […]

The first three steps to small business branding

Small business tips series: Creating an effective brand for your small business. Among small business owners branding is largely perceived as entirely visual.  When branding themselves, many smaller companies focus attention on logos, letterhead, and signage.  While these elements are part of your brand, branding is about much more than your visuals.  It’s about your image. […]

13 Types of Insurance Small Businesses Should Consider

In a recent article by the Small Business Authority they outlined 13 types of insurance that a small business should consider. Clearly some – like auto and workers comp – aren’t up for consideration, they’re usually required. However, general liability insurance was listed as number 1 and professional liability insurance as number 6. In my […]

Why your small business needs a SEO strategy

If you run a small business, chances are good you’ve heard about countless small biz magazines and blogs tout the benefits of SEO. Unfortunately, and despite all the buzz, there is precious little information about what search engine optimization is and entails, and how you can go about jumping on the bandwagon. What little information […]

Perfect your Product

Part 2 of 8 – Guy Kawasaki small business advice series; Guy sheds light on being DICEE when it comes to product development. Perfecting your product is more than just creating a widget that looks cool. To build a quality product, you must learn how to create quality. Guy Kawasaki suggests being DICEE. A DICEE product (Deep, Intelligent, Complete, […]