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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Hiscox gets mobile

At Hiscox we’re all about doing everything possible to keep small business owners protected against risk and informed about everything related to successfully running their small businesses.  Now, the Hiscox USA mobile site is taking the next step and providing this information to you when you’re on the go.  Our mobile site will allow you […]

MyStartUpStory: Gary Swart, CEO, oDesk

Gary discusses the inspiration behind oDesk and offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.  Learn about oDesk’s ‘a ha’ moment and hear Gary’s advice on the importance of staying focused and “choosing a major” for your business.  My StartUp Story is presented by Hiscox Small Business Insurance.

Professional liability insurance: protecting marketers from the downside of the feel-good factor

Marketers – what’s your business, and what do you need to do to protect it? You’ll probably say that, essentially, you’re in the feel-good game, buffing clients’ images and promoting their wares.  You may think the worst that could happen is that a customer drops you after the ad campaign you devised doesn’t give them the sales […]

Bo Burlingham, Editor at Large, Inc. Magazine

Bo Burlingham, Editor-at-large of Inc. Magazine, discusses the risks of doing what you love and offers his advice to young entrepreneurs. Bo urges startup owners to think about what they really want, and how to achieve the goals you set for your business. Did you enjoy this start up story?  Now we want to hear yours!  […]

How can small businesses hire the right employees?

More and more companies are challenging tradition in the way they operate, market their products and even in the methods they use to recruit employees.  The traditional focus on the quality of education, GPA and the cachet of former employers is being challenged by companies desperate for talent they aren’t finding using these time-tested techniques.  […]

Old Dogs and New Tricks

Changing the way you buy small business insurance I often reflect on the decades I’ve spent in the insurance industry, and how things have changed. I hate to think of myself as an “old dog ” because, if the truth be known, while  technology has had a profound impact on society, the ideas that underpin […]

Need a business loan? Boost your chances with small business insurance

We all know how tight money is at the moment. Banks’ reluctance to lend to small businesses is a real issue for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses right now. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your big idea stymied because you can’t get enough backing. Some have chosen to go ahead anyway, […]

Occupy Wall Street or Occupy a Small Business?

The Occupy Wall Street movement has grown over the past few weeks from a relatively small group in New York City’s financial district to a variety of groups throughout the US and even some foreign countries.  The protestors are angry and they’re voicing their frustration. Opinions vary on what their objectives are and whether all […]

Don’t infringe on my tablet: Apple challenges Samsung on rolling out their new technology in the US market

Insure your small business against courting controversy Most of the time it’s John Q. Public who will decide whether a new product is a success. They’ll vote with their feet – or their pocket books. But in the case of Samsung’s Galaxy tablet and smartphones it is Judge Lucy Koh who may deliver the final […]

MyStartupStory: Guy Kawasaki, Former Apple Chief Evangelist and Alltop Founder

Guy Kawasaki, Former Apple Chief Evangelist and Alltop Founder offers advice on starting a business and making the leap as he  shares some of his own startup experiences. As discussed in an early post, the big tip we learned from Steve Jobs which applies to all entrepreneurs, is not to fear failure.  Guy Kawasaki, a former […]


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